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Review: Revenge of Anubis

RATING: 5 Keys           RESULT: Win           REMAINING: 32:04

Anubis is angry. Perhaps it’s because there are too many Egyptian-themed rooms?


The Valley of the Kings awaits your arrival. Decode the ancient message and find an important missing artifact or you will not escape in time.

Revenge of Anubis follows the usual pattern of your typical mummy-themed escape room: begin in the dig tent, enter the tomb, and find the sarcophagus. Of course, there are plenty of tricks and traps along the way, as well as a fully-fledged story that does contain many reveals such as the fate of the original archaeologists and why you need to free Anubis from his imprisonment.

As much as we joke about the Egyptian theme being the dead horse of the escape room industry, Legends does the theme justice through fully realized stories, sets, and puzzles; no small feat for such a difficult theme to pull off!



As always, Legends Escape Rooms impressed us with their set design, creating a believable Egyptian environment within the confines of only a few rooms. Beginning in the dig tent, piles of boxes are stacked in every corner and you can almost hear the whistle of the desert wind blowing sand against the dirt-speckled canvas walls.

Further on into the tomb, we discover the remains of a previous explorer. It’s obvious to see that this area has not been disturbed in many years, based on the multitude of cobwebs clinging to the hieroglyphs and stone pedestals.

Although some of the set pieces of Revenge of Anubis are certainly prefabricated, Legends has done an excellent job of customizing them to fit their needs, making sure that every prop feels unique to the room.


Upon being left alone in the expedition tent, we seemed to be off to a rocky start. Revenge of Anubis begins with a rather linear track of puzzles that left a few members of our team looking for some way to be useful to the team. Thankfully, this was all resolved once we got past the first puzzle and really began delving deep into all of the challenges this game has to offer.

Once we hit our stride and did find a sense of flow, however, it remained throughout the rest of the game, keeping the two groups we split into fully immersed in the story. There’s a great variety of puzzles in Revenge of Anubis, with some requiring nothing but sheer brain power while others are very physical in nature.

One of our favorite puzzles managed to utilize the entire room in a very unique way that was definitely the room’s best “wow” factor, although I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that it was activated via a modern (albeit well hidden) toggle switch that felt a little out of place in the antiquated tomb we were exploring.




Revenge of Anubis stands out as Legends Escape Rooms’ first and only 90 minute game. Based on our escape time, however, we’re not entirely convinced the extra half an hour is needed. Regardless, Revenge of Anubis offers a fresh and exciting challenge for escape room enthusiasts while still remaining possible for new players.

One of our favorite things about Legends is their sense of humor. Be sure to keep an eye out for a set of Egyptian treasures that don’t quite belong! It’s a great Easter Egg that is sure to elicit a few laughs from anyone who grew up watching cartoons about a certain card game-playing Pharaoh!

Although we think Dungeon VII might still remain in our top spot as our favorite game Legends has to offer, Revenge of Anubis is certainly a close second! Although it’s certainly a theme we’ve come to expect at each and every venue we visit, we can at least appreciate the obvious effort that has gone into crafting this game into something you will not find anywhere else. Just be careful about letting this particular dog out – who knows what might befall the world should Anubis be released!

Venue Details

Venue: Legends Escape Rooms

Location: Brandon, Florida

Number of Games: 6


Duration: 90 minutes

Capacity: 8 people

Group Type: Varies – Private and Public bookings are available

Cost: $36.99 per person (Public) / $41.99 per person (Private)

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*Not valid on Revenge of Anubis.


EAR Disclaimer

We thank Legends Escape Rooms for inviting us to play this game. Although complimentary admission was generously provided, that in no way impacts the opinion included within this review.

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