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Review: Death Alley 1892 – Dead or Alive

Review: Treasure of Pacari

Review: The Doll House

Review: Jack’s Nightmare

Review: Vampire

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Review – The Awakening

Review: Gone.

Review: Amityville

Review: Vampires

Review: Dracula

Review: Harvest Motel

Review: The Mystery of Room 213

Review: The Mangler’s Fear Machine

Review: Case of Jack the Ripper

Review: Case of Mr. Karver

Review: Grandma’s House

Review: Escape the Terror

Review: Haunted – Curse of the Night Hag

Review: The Vault of Souls – Release Rooms

Review: The Attic of Abigail Falkirk

Review: The Collector

Review: The Haunted Escape

Review: The Haunted

Review: Haunted Manor

Review: Serial Killer’s Lair

Review: Blackout

Review: The Haunting of Hyde House

Review: Shadows of the Skunk Ape

Review: The Apartment

Review: The Villain’s Lair

Review: Bank Heist

Review: Escape From StoryWorld

Review: Aunt Carolynn’s Closet

Review: The Explorers’ Club

Review: Master of Illusion

Review: Texas Gold

Review: The Hideout

Review: Bunker 57

Review: The Hurricane Room

Review: Revenge of Anubis

Review: King Tut’s Curse

Review: The Pharaoh’s Tomb

Review: Pharaoh’s Tomb

Review: Egyptian Tomb

Review: Corporation of D.O.O.M.

Review: Tomb

Review: UFOs Are Real

Review: Dark Carnival

Review: Da Vinci’s Secret

Review: The Bunker

Review: The Ransom


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