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Review: Sasquatch – Bigfoot’s Revenge

RATING: 5 Keys          RESULT: Win          REMAINING: 1:43

Stranded in the woods and being hunted by a vengeful legendary beast – but don’t worry! A chunky park ranger with a lisp will save us…. we’re screwed.


You and your friends set out to go camping one weekend in a very remote area. As you round a bend in the road the car crashes into a massive tree that has fallen in the path. Cell phones don’t work in the area but you are able to call the local ranger station on a walkie talkie.

The Ranger says there is a cabin very close to where you are located and as night falls, you hike through the dark woods in that direction. Suddenly you see the cabin ahead! When you arrive the door is wide open and the lights are on.

Then howls and growls come from the tree line so you rush into the cabin and slam the door as the legendary monster tries to force its way inside! Something very strange has happened in the cabin that has the creature on a rampage. Can you solve the mysteries you find there in one hour before your electric fence runs out of power, or will the last thing you ever see be the mythical SASQUATCH?

Sasquatch – Bigfoot’s Revenge creates a storyworld rich in fresh, unique content, and one that we were instantly excited to become immersed within. Escape the Netherworld immediately thrusts us into active roles in this adventure, bringing the legend of Bigfoot to life in such a way that there are clearly very real – very dangerous consequences that will befall us should we fail.

Every step of this journey is deeply rooted within the storyworld, making Sasquatch – Bigfoot’s Revenge one of the more immersive escape games we’ve seen in a long time. From the moment we entered the cabin, a sense of ominous foreboding overwhelmed us, broken by perfectly timed “helpful” radio interruptions by Ranger Chunk, the best damn Park Ranger we could ask for (because he’s the only damn Park Ranger left.) Ranger Chunk is, in actuality, our game master, but he’s so engrossed in the story that it becomes easy to suspend disbelief and accept our fates really are in the hands of this goofy, bumbling awkward social outcast – only further adding to the urgency of our situation.

The character of Ranger Chunk took a great, believable storyworld and truly brought it to life. It was clear that he shared in our urgency. Perhaps he’s lost other campers before and we were his penance? Or perhaps Ranger Chunk’s heart is as big as his lisp. Whatever the case, this wonderfully story-driven hint system created easily some of the most memorable game master interactions we’ve ever seen.


If you’ve ever visited one of their haunted attractions, you should already know that any attraction that carries The Netherworld branding comes pre-packaged with lofty expectations for the scenic quality one will likely receive. Sometimes, such a powerful preconceived notion can work to a disadvantage. This, however, is not one of those times.

Sasquatch – Bigfoot’s Revenge proudly carries The Netherworld banner into a whole new world – beyond that of standard haunted attractions (not that there’s anything particularly “standard” about The Netherworld to begin with) and into the realm of the best escape games you’ll find.

This multiple-room adventure is decked out from quite literally ceiling to floors with the level of attention to detail that has made The Netherworld so well-renowned. Starting in what is clearly a rustic, run down cabin in the woods – complete with authentic textures right down to the floorboards that literally creak under your feet, and if you’re lucky (or, depending on your timing, unlucky) ending in an expansive forest in the black of night – where you might not be alone.

And lets, of course, address the 800 pound gorilla in the room – The Netherworld is known for their scares, so it should come as no surprise that this game will have its fair share. That proverbial 800 pound gorilla is a very real Sasquatch, determined to get his hands on you at any cost. And although this game does not include live actors – that is by no means to say that a very angry Bigfoot won’t get his hands on you at some point – quite literally.Puzzles

From start to finish, Escape the Netherworld keeps us fully immersed in each step of gameplay, thanks to puzzles that interconnect organically within the story world so solidly that they often times feel more like very real tasks than puzzles in an attraction.

It’s always important to note that throughout our experience, each puzzle step was intuitive and clear, allowing us a satisfying flow from start to finish. And although there was one moment that did fell a bit tedious, it absolutely wouldn’t hinder landing Sasquatch – Bigfoot’s Revenge on the map straight to a solid 5 Key attraction.
Our epic battle with the Sasquatch starts off strong – with instant urgency to get the electric fence’s power restored. And it’ ends… well, let’s just say Escape the Netherworld crafts what may just be the coolest ending of any game we’ve ever seen – one that perfectly links its finale puzzle with an epic narrative climax.


There are very few venues out there that I would define as a “bucket list game.” Escape the Netherworld topped that list for us, and unquestionably lived up to our hopes and expectations. In some cases, it truly exceeded them.

To understand what you’re in for would really require a past visit to their world-famous haunted attraction. And I’m not saying that to spin some fancy literary yarn; The Netherworld is consistently ranked as one of the greatest haunted attractions in the country. I’ve been fortunate to be able to visit on two different occasions – and not only was each year different, but solidly and without question some of the best haunts I’ve ever seen.

Learning that The Netherworld would expand to year-round operation with brand new, unique, highly immersive escape games was quite literally enough justification to get us to book a flight to Atlanta with the sole, express purpose of playing these games. And with that kind of hype, it’s oftentimes difficult to live up to expectations.

This was one of those venues that I literally said out loud, “Please be good.” as I reached out to open the front door. But isn’t good; it’s great. In fact all three games are worth a visit, but Sasquatch – Bigfoot’s Revenge is unquestionably Escape the Netherworld’s crown jewel.


Venue Details

Venue:  Escape the Netherworld

Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Number of Games: 3


Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 8 people

Group Type: Can be booked either Public or Private.

Cost: $28 per person (public) / $35 per person (private, requires a minimum of four)

EAR Disclaimer

We thank Escape the Netherworld for inviting us to play this game. Although complimentary admission was generously provided, that in no way impacts the opinion included within this review.

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