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Review: Red Giant

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Already safely tucked into our astronaut gear, we learn our mission is not across the galaxy, but across the sands to… Egypt?!


All your life, the Pink Pyramid has stood as a testament to the ancients who built it and the civilization that once stood. Your elders have told you stories about the treasure that lies within, though none who have ventured after it have ever come back the same. As a child you dreamed of being the first to find The Red Giant, the most valuable ruby in the world. Now, you, and your crack team of experts, stand at the mouth of the tomb that will either give you what you’ve always wanted or doom you for eternity… How far are you willing to go to find The Red Giant!

Before our journey into the Pink Pyramid even started, we were handed miner’s helmets and a single lit torch.  We knew we were in for an adventure of epic proportions … and boy was it an adventure!

Our quest to find the priceless gem felt like a real-life adventure taken straight from the movies.  The excitement was maintained from start to finish as we never knew what booby-trap or obstacle we would encounter next.  We were truly fighting for our lives to find and steal the Red Giant.


We begin our journey at the narrow mouth of the tomb.  The walls are lined with impressive hieroglyphic stone work, and there is a gate that impedes our entrance into the Pink Pyramid, though it won’t stop expert explorers like us!

Once inside the tomb, it seemed as if the inner chamber hits a dead end.  The walls were covered in more magnificent stone work, but there was no visible way to continue the adventure.  Of course, the journey doesn’t end here because Quest Room has found beautiful ways to transform the space before our eyes.  It’s one of those moments where we had to stop what we were doing and just watch.

We finally found our way into the center of the tomb, and pictures don’t do it justice.  From floor to ceiling, it felt like we were inside an ancient pyramid instead of the middle of Los Angeles.  Warning: Watch out for the snakes.

Even the lighting in the room was interactive.  Before our journey, the game master gave us the sole lit torch of the game.  We were able to light the several torches inside the pyramid simply by touching our flame to them.  Quest Room has thought of every little detail to make us feel like real tomb raiders.


This grand adventure begins with finding entrance into the tomb.  Quest Room always knows how to create an intense opening scene to set the mood, and Red Giant was no differentThe action we took to break into the pyramid was dramatic, and they pulled off a special effect that was simply exhilarating.  Do not blink, or you’ll miss it.

Sometimes we felt like we hit a dead end only to have the space change as we interacted with the immense set.  It is required to think like real explorers as you will not find any pen and paper puzzles here.  

Every action in Red Giant was consistent with the narrative.  We were here for one thing and one thing only: to find the priceless gem.  On a couple of occasions, there was an extreme sense of urgency and fear to complete an action because our lives literally depended on it.

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience a Quest Room game before, you already know they are masters of forcing the question “should I really be doing this? What were the rules of this room, again?” Well, Red Giant does not disappoint.  The last action had us asking this very same question. Again.


Red Giant is a real-life adventure straight from the bigscreen.  There are many traps and obstacles inside the depths of the tomb that has us fighting for our lives.  The ruby was well protected from tomb robbers like us.

Quest Room knows how to illicit emotions in all of their adventures.  We went through a wild ride – excitement, wonder, and fear.  We never knew what to expect as we dug further and further into this epic quest.

Red Giant is different than Quest Room’s last two rooms, which had more of a dark and foreboding vibe.  It is a good change of pace to showcase that they really can execute any type of room, and execute it amazingly well.  Put your Indiana Jones fedora on, because entering this sacred pyramid is a guarantee that you won’t leave empty handed.

Venue Details

Venue: Quest Room

Location: Los Angeles, California

Number of Games: 2


Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 6 people

Group Type: Private / You will not be paired with strangers.

Cost: $119+ per group

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