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Review: Pharaoh’s Tomb

RATING: 5 Keys          RESULT: Win          REMAINING: 2:03

Here we are trapped in yet another tomb.  We have run out of fingers and started using our toes to count how many times this has happened.


Follow the steps of the archaeology professor who went to discover the most important secret of Ancient Egypt… and never came back!

While the initial story is vague and plain, this adventure is anything but ordinary. We have explored many ancient pyramids in the past that claim to hold many secrets. This tomb, however, truly does hold mysteries that we never saw coming. The narrative organically unfolds during this epic quest, and it is not merely a story of another angry Pharaoh. There is far more to it than that.

At this point, being trapped in a pyramid has become a cliché. Thankfully, there are enough twists in the narrative to make this expedition feel like something we have not yet seen in another Egyptian tomb. It actually caught us off guard, which is a hard thing to accomplish. With that being said, the story completely made sense within the context, and we were entirely immersed as we unearthed perhaps the most important secret Ancient Egypt has to offer.


Pharaoh’s Tomb was dimly lit with a few thematically appropriate light sources. Scenically, it had much of what you would expect in an ancient pyramid. The stone walls were covered with hieroglyphics along with drawings of past Pharaohs, and what tomb would be complete without a sarcophagus?

While much of the space looked similar to tombs we had previously visited, there were also many well hidden surprises that enticed those special wow moments and created a sense of exploration. At first, some of those moments felt a little too high-tech to be placed in a pyramid. However, everything fell into place once we fully uncovered the mysteries of the tomb.

It is also worth mentioning that nothing looked like it did not belong, meaning there are not any combination locks nor exposed wires. These details greatly enhanced the immersive atmosphere and created a believable environment from start to finish.


Much in tune with its scenic prowess, Pharaoh’s Tomb delivered a wide variety of impressive puzzles that only enhanced the story. All of the steps were intuitive, and it was clear what needed to be accomplished once we discovered all of the necessary parts.

Many of the initial difficulties were due to the dim lighting, so it was easy to miss a few things while scavenging. However, we cannot fault Maze Rooms for this. After all, it only makes sense for a tomb to be dim!

While a couple of the activities were familiar, much of the adventure was unique and unpredictable. This only enhanced the sense of exploration because we never truly knew what to expect next.

None of the actions felt contrived or tacked on. Quite the contrary, every step connected to the world around us, and we felt like we were taking an active role in the story as we put this ancient mystery to rest.


Maze Rooms has created yet another impressive game that never ceased to amaze us from beginning to end. Pharaoh’s Tomb was not only scenically impressive, but also shocking in how its adventure seamlessly unfolded to tell a unique story (and yes, I just used the word unique for an Egyptian tomb.) There is much more to the narrative than initially meets the eye, but of course I am not about to spoil it here.

While Maze Rooms is predominately based in California, they have proven that they can make an outstanding product no matter where they reside. With that being said, it should be noted that this Pharaoh’s Tomb is a completely different adventure than the Pharaoh’s Tomb at Maze Rooms in Los Angeles. That means twice the mummies, twice the sand, and twice the trips to Egypt. Are you ready to unwrap this mystery once and for all?

Venue Details

Venue: Maze Rooms

Location: Austin, Texas

Number of Games: 2


Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 7 people

Group Type: Private  / You will not be paired with strangers.

Cost: $90+ per group for up to 3 people (plus $30 per each additional person)


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