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Review: Egyptian Tomb

RATING: 4 Keys          RESULT: Win          REMAINING: 1:31

Another pharaoh’s tomb has been discovered, and we just cannot help ourselves. We must enter the tomb so that we can escape again as soon as possible.

Locked Escape Games Murfreesboro


Egyptian Tomb at Locked Escape Games Murfreesboro

The recent discovery of a pyramid has set the world’s imagination afire; so, you assembled a team of leading archaeologists to join you on your mission to reach the inner tomb and discover what lies within the tomb.

Many teams have ventured into the pyramid before, but none have escaped. It’s your job to venture into the inner tomb, unlock the pharaoh’s secret, and escape before you fall victim to the pharaoh’s curse.

Because we have excavated hundreds of Egyptian tombs at this point, we are the world’s leading experts on entering pyramids and escaping a short hour after we’ve arrived. This time, a previously undiscovered crypt has been unearthed and holds vast untold secrets for our team. Though no one has laid eyes on the tomb for thousands of years, we know that we will be cursed if we do not leave in time – because that is what happens in pyramids!

Locked Escape Game Murfreesboro takes players on a journey aligned with the story throughout, putting us smack dab in the middle of a mysterious tomb, giving us a healthy dose of adventure from start to finish.


Egyptian Tomb at Locked Escape Games Murfreesboro

We began our Egyptian journey inside the excavation site tent, complete with a sandy floor and draped canvas walls. This space served to be the perfect setting for discovery, as we explored and found a few odds and ends, such as photos of the different known pyramids and a small shelf. We also rounded up a rustic wooden box, some time-appropriate treasures, and what looked like an ancient Egyptian version of tic-tac-toe.

On one “wall” of the tent was a door leading to the next room of the game, which turned out to be the antechamber to the tomb itself. The space was small and basic, with a few more treasures to discover and a little more sand underfoot. A somewhat modern-looking, wrought-iron gate – perhaps added by one of the very first groups to enter the dig site – stood between us and a hallway that stretched to the tomb inside.

Once we made our way into the final chamber, the scenic elements really came to life and sold the story. The room was much more cavernous than the first two and held the level of mystery and enchantment that had been building up throughout the journey as we approached the finale. We were impressed with the ambiance in the tomb area. There was even more to behold in the room than what we even saw at first glance, but we will not spoil any of the Pharaoh’s secrets here!


Egyptian Tomb’s puzzles proved to stay the course during our adventure to the inner chambers of the pyramid. The first assemblage of challenges are primarily discovery based, but remain true to the theme. Players’ observation skills will be put to the test as they use the details of their findings to determine solutions for a few basic steps required to reach the second room.

The most memorable and fun challenge in the first room was a standing puzzle with wooden blocks that must be flipped to display the correct sequence. This reminded us of playing a giant-sized game of tic-tac-toe and made us wonder if perhaps this was similar to something Egyptian children – the ones who were not pharaohs, that is – did actually play. Its rustic and authentic appearance looks like something that they could have possibly made for entertainment, or perhaps used for mental exercises along the lines of an ancient version of the Memory game.

Once we did work our way into the second chamber, we had to do a little archaeological digging in the sand to uncover some items that would help us proceed into the final chamber: the tomb itself.  Both patience and dexterity were required to accomplish entry, which we did easily, yet remained fully entertained.

The final chamber held the best secrets and challenges for us. Amidst an accurate setting, we were transported to a sandy playground of puzzles featuring hieroglyphics, ancient artifacts, and of course, a sarcophagus. Just our luck, an Egyptian mathematician had left a pyramid puzzle to work out on the wall, requiring some hefty concentration to figure out the pattern. A broken stone tablet also aided in reaching the finale, once re-assembled.

The highlights of the game for us were activating a secret passage in a pretty cool and satisfying place as well as the concluding challenge, which held plenty of excitement – especially as we got down to our last few minutes in the tomb.


Even though this experience utilizes a fairly common theme, Locked Escape Game Murfreesboro manages to serve up a great Egyptian adventure. Perfect for beginners, as well those with quite a few rooms under their belts, this game offers a challenging journey through exploration and memorable puzzles.

While it was not one of the most incredible games we’ve seen or played, Egyptian Tomb was great experience and earns a solid 4 keys. It is an experience sure to lift the curse of boredom on any given day!

Maegen and Michael at Locked Escape Games in Murfreesboro

Venue Details

Venue: Locked Escape Game Murfreesboro

Location: Murfreesboro, TN

Number of Games: 2


Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 8 people

Group Type: Private / You will not be paired with strangers.

Cost: $28.00 per person



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