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Review: The Dynaline Incident

4 Key

RATING: 4 Key    RESULT: Win      REMAINING: 7:32

I have an appointment with Dr. Clark. What do you mean he’s not here? It’s fine, I’ll just wait for him in his office.


Your team has been asked to come to a meeting regarding the use of the New Dynaline Gas Formula. Unfortunately for you, when you arrive to meet Dr. Clark, you find that he is nowhere to be found, but instead are faced with a malfunctioning Dynaline Gas Dispenser! If it’s not stopped, a horrible outbreak is sure to happen! Will you be the hero, shut down the machine, and retrieve the leaking canister? Only time will tell…

The Dynaline Incident is the newest room at Quandary Escape Rooms and is the first part of the storyworld that brought us The Locked in Dead. Quandary has done a very good job of building a bigger story line throughout all of their rooms with the added twist that it’s playing out in reverse with this new room being the first part taking place in Dr. Clark’s psych ward.


The scenic for The Dynaline Incident is well done and is on par with their other offerings. While the space is clearly a rented office space they do a good job with theming. The space is bare except for a few items you would expect to see in a doctor’s office overseeing a psych ward.

The dark sterile color scheme of this first room leaves the player in area almost feeling just a touch of something sinister. The color schemes in this room play a huge part in telling the story. There are different areas within this game with such a stark contrast. This contrasting use of color and light really evokes the correct emotions to experience this story.

Once again Quandary has taken the space available to them and crafted a great story by using unique scenic touches to effectively transport you to this world.

There are many nods to the other rooms throughout The Dynaline Incident and it does a very good job of tying all of the rooms together into a single timeline.

While playing this room there were two key “Wow!” moments that my entire team enjoyed, one of which truly was a surprise to our team, normally we are able to point out where those surprises are going to take place.


The puzzles for The Dynaline Incident were great, all original puzzles that integrated perfectly to the storyworld. The team over at quandary always delivers a solid puzzle experience and this was no exception. Every puzzle was logical and had a clear answer and added just a little bit to the story as you went along.

The Dynaline Incident also marks another leap in the use of tech driven puzzles at Quandary as each room they open has more tech than the last. Sometimes that can be a bad thing, more tech doesn’t always equal a better experience, but in this scenario the tech is so well done that is flows perfectly within the puzzles themselves, as well as the storyworld.



Overall, The Dynaline Incident marks another great offering from a Sacramento venue known for great rooms. This room has the feel of a definitive starting point to the Quandary story arc leading to their other rooms.

Clever puzzles and fun story worlds are a theme, not just in The Dynaline Incident but in all the rooms Quandary has to offer, but these things aren’t was set them apart from others. The team at Quandary has that intangible that really can’t be taught, they have passion for escape rooms as well as customer service.

So once again, if you happen to be in the Sacramento area looking for a room to play make sure you put Quandary near the top of the list. You won’t be disappointed!

Venue Details

Venue: Quandary Escape Rooms

Location: Roseville, California

Number of Games: 3


Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 8 people

Group Type: Public and Private / You will not be paired with strangers depending on ticket type.

Cost: $25 per person public/private starts at $120 for 1-4 people

EAR Disclaimer

We thank Quandary Escape Rooms for inviting us to play this game. Although complimentary admission was generously provided, that in no way impacts the opinion included within this review.

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