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Review: 7 Sinful Pleasures

RATING: 4 Keys          RESULT: Win          REMAINING: 3:00

Notice: This review discusses adult subject matter of a sexual nature.


Komnata Quest found a sure-fire way to knock most people out of their comfort zone with one of the most sexually explicit escape rooms we’ve ever seen – and at times, that wasn’t even a bad thing.


Our story starts off  in the colorful bedroom of a by-the-hour prostitute with a penchant for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (…really.) One quickly realizes that being “fairest of them all” does not come with any amount of shame; the room is littered with everything from fluffy handcuffs to condoms to dildos and several other sex toys.

Venturing further into her den of debauchery, we learn that our dear Snow White is in fact a dominatrix  frequented by many influential people – each with their own secrets to hide.

As the story goes on, “your agency of honesty, morality, ethics and tolerance” has been suspecting that one famous public figure had been visiting this sinful house, and it’s on you to expose the truth behind his scandal.

Still with me?  Because this is all completely real.


Scenic. Normally a topic I love to discuss – but in 7 Sinful Pleasures, it’s certainly a bit of an awkward conversation. I suppose for starters, the important thing to stress is the scenic is all true to the game’s story, which is of the utmost importance to me.

Where it gets – um – interesting – is that given the theme, beyond the round bed and juke box, you’ll also find a condom machine, a whole host of sex toys, mannequins, more penis-shaped objects than you’d ever expect to have to hold in an escape room and a way more than just a bit more of Snow White’s breasts than I ever needed to see after growing up watching Disney movies!

The key is that while it certainly creates an awkward environment, it IS all true to the theme they were going for, so I suppose this awkwardness honestly makes for a win in this case.


Though certainly not my first choice of theme, this game would have scored a much higher rating for us if the puzzles were intuitive. Sadly that conversation is quite the mixed bag. Some certainly were. Others were very much not. We played four of Komnata’s games – and generally love the company – but in 7 Sinful Pleasures more than any other, our experienced group felt we needed to be hand-held far more than we should ever need to be in order to progress through several of the game’s steps.

That said, there were some unique things (for better or in some cases maybe worse) that we’d never seen before in this game’s puzzle flow. While normally I’m very against any sort of spoiler, I feel like I just have to mention a few specifics – though I certainly will not give any solutions away. Skip to the next section of this review now if you don’t want to risk spoiling the, um, surprise? Alright – so here it is – RF tagged dildos and condoms, a life-sized portrait of Katy Perry dressed as the Evil Queen that requires you to grope it in the proper order, a mannequin that you spank with a leather paddle until it climaxes, applying restraints to a member of your own team and yes, a breast directional lock. You heard me. Breast directional lock.


I think I’m kind of sad that I didn’t like 7 Sinful Pleasures more than I did (…the game, people! Time to get our minds back out of the gutter for the summary!) I admire that it picks a… ahem… unique theme – and more importantly sticks to it. I admire that the puzzles basically all support the theme in a strong way. I admire that from start to finish, Komnata really tried to do something different with this one.

In hindsight looking back on it for this review, I have fonder memories of the game than I actually had in the fifty-seven moments I was actually playing it – and PLAYING is exactly the reason why. I don’t expect to be able to solve every single puzzle just because I’ve played a lot of games – however the steps should be intuitive enough that I *could* if I approach it the right way. Unfortunately in this case, there was at least as many that were not as there were that are – possibly even leaning slightly more towards not.

Honestly, if I were to rate purely on game play, 7 Sinful Pleasures probably would have been closer to 2 Keys than 3, but the truth is the effort they went to be different and the fact that they manage to stay true to the story from start to finish more than earns the bump up.

If you’re considering a game to play, this would not be my first (or even second) recommendation at Komnata Quest on its own – but if you’re more looking for something different and a bit outlandish, this game fits the bill like few others.

Venue Details

Venue:  Komnata Quest

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Number of Games: 9


Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 5 people

Group Type: Private / You will not be paired with strangers.

Cost: $33 per person (minimum two) or $28 per person (for groups of three to six)

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