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Jeff Tragedy Update



Orlando, Fla — My fellow Escape Enthusiasts, as many of you know, tragedy struck one of our own two days ago. While recording a segment intended to be prominently aired on Escape Authority’s award-winning Second Hand Podcast™ Episode 1.2™, inspirational speaker and resident genius Jeff was severely injured. On a constant mission to make the world a better place by spreading his wisdom of our industry, Jeff joined us live for our premier episode while on safari in Deepest, Darkest Africa.

Amid the wonders of nature’s eternal glory, the safari truck carrying Jeff and the rest of his expedition team was suddenly and savagely attacked by a parade of rabid African Bull Elephants. The truck was destroyed, and none of Jeff’s expedition team survived. On that day, Deepest, Darkest Africa unquestionably got a bit darker.

Escape Authority immediately reached out to the African Consulate, who in turn assured us they would do everything within their power to locate Jeff. Today, we’re happy to share with our Escape Family and Friends that Jeff has been found. Though he suffered numerous broken bones and tusk-related contusions, doctors remain confident that he will make a full recovery.


That show, in its entirety, can be found below. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to Jeff, the only thing that made his escape from certain doom possible was his ability to solve complex algebraic equations left behind by the very elephants themselves. Said Jeff, “because escape room.”
Although he will be in no physical condition to join us for the debut of Episode 1.3™ of Second Hand Podcast™’s premier, it will air today as scheduled at 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. “Taylor Talk w/ Taylor” will feature more from our Core Team, including newest members Sarah and Nate, as well as Taylor himself joining us to discuss the immersive aspect of a boutique experience, the barrier for entry faced by potential new venues, how important a new player’s first impression can be of the industry as a whole, and a subject that has become infamous at Escape Authority, the use of mathematical equations in a story-based environment. Escape Authority will also officially announce the featured Owner / Designer guests for our next show, and reveal how YOU can personally participate in our conversation with them!

We ask that you keep Jeff in your thoughts on his road to recovery, and we ask that you do not miss the next episode of Second Hand Podcast™ airing today at 3 pm.


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