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Jeff Tragedy Update



Orlando, Fla — My fellow Escape Enthusiasts, as many of you know, tragedy once again struck one of our own two days ago. While recording a segment intended to be prominently aired on Escape Authority’s award-winning Second Hand Podcast™ Episode 3™, inspirational speaker and resident genius Jeff was severely injured for an unprecedented second time. That show, in its entirety can be found below. Viewer discretion is advised.


Jeff is a man of many hats – one of them being Hobbyist Bee-Keeper. Unfortunately, one hat he does not own is the required safety hood on his Beekeeper’s suit. As it turns out, complete sets are quite expensive.


During a routine hourly feeding, something he had done countless times before, the Queen Bee, now highly agitated due to her delicate condition of being with child, ordered a vicious attack on Jeff. What followed was an unimaginable 1,381 individual stings – all directly to the face – from the highly Africanized Killer Bee Colony.


The Queen has since given birth, and we are happy to report that all 3,200 of her children are healthy and happy.


Escape Authority immediately reached out to the Florida Hospital Critical Bee Care Unit, who in turn refused to give us any information about his condition as none of us are his blood relatives.


We assume that Jeff will eventually make a full recovery, despite his deathly bee allergy. Bees are unquestionably smaller than elephants.


With both eyes swollen shut, Jeff will be in no physical condition to submit his next review, Imprisoned Creatures, by his scheduled Monday deadline. Escape Authority fully recognized that the health and well-being of our Core Team must take utmost priority, so we have generously extended his due date until Wednesday of this week.


We ask that you keep Jeff in your thoughts on his road to recovery, and to celebrate his life and accomplishments, we dedicate a special seven day update schedule next week beginning with the holiday weekend, featuring new content each day from Sunday through Saturday. Labor Day was a very special holiday to Jeff, so he would have wanted it this way. Does want it this way.



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