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EA Exclusive: The Basement’s Next Chapter

Our friends at The Basement have teased what might be replacing The Boiler Room for several weeks now – and today they have given Escape Authority a pretty damn cool exclusive – allowing us to be the very first so share some intimate story and experience details on their brand new Chapter 2 game: The Elevator Shaft!

First – have a look at the official press release, in the only place you can find it online this week:

Kayden M. Ressel
Dark House Entertainment, LLC
+1 (818) 593-9352


The Basement introduces its most advanced escape room yet,
Chapter 2: The Elevator Shaft
“Featuring a hydraulic descending elevator hanging overhead, exciting audio, fog, and lighting effects, and water features.”

SYLMAR, CA: From the creators of The Basement, The Boiler Room, and The Study, comes a new and technologically advanced escape room experience: The Elevator Shaft. You and 5 other guests (6 total) are trapped in the bottom of an old dilapidated elevator shaft. You will have to use your ingenuity and wits to overload the emergency access door and escape. Can you solve the room and make a run for it before the overhead 10-ton steel antique elevator descends and crushes you and your friends into oblivion?

With a new proprietary advanced control system, hydraulics, fog, lighting, and water effects, The Elevator Shaft sets a new precedent for the words “immersive”, “intense”, and “realistic”. This is a full 45 minute game that allows up to 6 people to play at one time. The Elevator Shaft features a fully functional moving ceiling (themed as the bottom of the elevator) that starts from 14 feet high and descends throughout the game to a mere 5’10”, forcing most players to crouch in the final minutes of the game. The overlying theme of this game is the danger of electricity and its danger amplified when water is introduced. Although no guests will actually feel any real electricity, the room effectively delivers the opposite belief. Once again, more than ever, the creative team at Dark House Entertainment has delivered a puzzle game that doesn’t feel like you’re laboring away at puzzles. The game is filled with physical and tactile tasks that require critical thinking and strong team work to complete. Communication and focus are a must if you want to succeed at this difficult and equally terrifying game.





About 3 months ago, cannibalistic serial killer, Edward Tandy hired an engineer named John to help him make some “engineering” changes to an antique service elevator on his property. After working on the elevator shaft for a day or two, it became clear to John that Edward’s use for this machine seemed sinister in nature. He confronted Edward and refused to help any longer. Edward told him that not only would he continue to work on the project, but that he would not be allowed to leave the compound until the project was complete, and if he did so, John’s wife and daughter would be killed.

Now the project is done and John is long dead, his life taken inside the death trap he helped to build. You wake up and find yourself in the bottom of the shaft, with a video recorded by John himself. Unbeknownst to Edward, the engineer has hidden a series of steps within the inner workings of the elevator’s shaft itself, that if you’re able to figure out, you can blow open the emergency access to the shaft and make a run for it. Can you decipher John’s notes, and find the secret sequence of steps in order to escape? Or will you be crushed by the 10-ton antique steel monster that hangs above?

About DHE, LLC

Dark House Entertainment was founded in 2014 and has since created some of most realistic and immersive escape room experiences in the world. They received the highest rating given to any escape room (6 keys) from and hold a strong 5-star average rating on Yelp with over 800 reviews in total. Since their opening in 2014, they have opened up 3 more experiences, and a separate location close to the strip in Las Vegas, NV. They will be opening a 4th experience in early 2018 at the Sylmar location. This will be the 4th chapter in the Edward Tandy saga known as “The Courtyard”.


Would you like more? How about the only place you can find some high resolution pictures of this absolutely bad-ass looking new game? And as always – you can click on any one of these images to view them in high resolution!





Still want more? Well, you know we love to save the best for last. Escape Authority is the ONLY PLACE you can score an absolutely FREE private game to the brand new Chapter 2: The Elevator Shaft! And that contest just went live on our Facebook page! So get over there and enter – and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get to be one of the first to get crushed alive by a demented cannibalistic maniac!


Good…… luck?

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