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A Sweet Surprise!

Just a few days ago, Escape Authority received an incredible honor, as we officially became the first Escape Game Social Hub in the United States to surpass 2,000 “Likes” on Facebook.

As the founder of this site, I’m incredibly humbled by the constant support that we receive. As you can probably imagine, ridiculous amounts of work go into maintaining Escape Authority to the standards you’ve come to expect from us each and every day. In many ways, Escape Authority has become a seven days a week unpaid job. But, knowing the positive impact it has on our readers, and at the same time knowing the appreciation that our readers have toward us for doing it makes everything worthwhile.

In the days that have followed our latest milestone, we’ve received some heart-warming messages of support and congratulations from our peers, designers, venue owners, and yes, more so than anyone, from you, our readers. We’ve gotten everything from a proverbial thumbs up to several “keep up the good work” notes, to more thank yous than we can even count at this point. Perhaps the nicest surprise was a small package delivered by FedEx just today to Escape Authority “HQ” [my house] here in Orlando. Thankfully we had some unseasonably pleasant temperatures, as the package was left outside in the courtyard by my front door.

What was in it, you may ask?


D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S candy, full of every one of my favorite ingredients – chocolate, caramel, white chocolate, mint; it was a pretty amazingly thoughtful gift, topped off with a handwritten note of congratulations, and no signature.

Well, whoever you are, it was delectable – and noI didn’t share.

And though clearly the fastest way to my heart is with chocolate, I genuinely want to once again thank each and every reader who, for two consecutive years now has supported us, trusted us and made us the social hub for the escape game genre. Here’s to two more, and many others beyond that!


Founder, Escape Authority

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P.S. – I left you a little surprise too, and it’s not candy. Did you find it?

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