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Throwback Thursdays

It’s no secret that we all love escape games, and I think you, like us, would equally love to play as many as possible. There’s only one downside; no matter how great a game is, you kind of can only truly play it once. After you’ve solved the puzzles, figured out the challenges and know all the answers, it’s difficult to get the same fulfillment out of the experience.

Much the same can be said for reviews. There are some venues that are so good (or so bad) that they remain memorable to us long after we visit – but once we’ve posted about all of their existing games, we essentially are forced to never mention them again. Until now.

EA is excited to announce a new limited time special feature to our slate of weekly offerings – a whole new take on #TBT. Each Thursday, we’ll revisit one memorable game – be it epicly good or tragically bad – with a re-post of its original review to once again give it a fresh, new spotlight. As EA’s audience continues to grow, we feel this is a great way to offer some of our newer readers a look at prior significant content that they may have missed out on before finding the site – content which now sits buried under pages upon pages of our regular frequent updates.

EA’s brand new #TBT feature begins tomorrow, so fire up your time machines and get ready to revisit the reviews of some really great games (and some really funny rage-views of the terrible ones that we all love to hate!)

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