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Readers Key / Final Round

Our final round has a special stipulation!

To learn more, be sure to read this entire post before voting.

this poll has ended, and the final results will be announced tomorrow!

Voting will remain open for exactly 120 hours – that’s five days – beginning when this poll posted today at 6pm EST. Each reader may vote one (1) time per day, for a maximum of five (5) total votes for any venue they choose in this bracket. But here’s where things get interesting…

Every 24 hours, the two venues with the lowest total number of votes will be eliminated!

That’s right – on day one, we will start with the Top Ten Venues as chosen by you, our readers. Day two will see the field drop down to eight. Two more will fall off on day three leaving us with six. On day four, we’ll be left with the final four venues remaining in our Readers Key Tournament. And it’s all building to day five, when the top two venues will have a one on one, head to head showdown where in you, our readers, pick your ultimate number one!

6:00pm EST will be the daily cut off for each pair of eliminations. All votes are cumulative,  meaning that as long as a venue remains in the Finals, their vote count will continue to increase each day. (No vote counts will be reset from here until the end of the Readers Key Tournament.)

Once voting concludes, the venue with the highest votes will receive the first ever Escape Authority Readers Key – Best Venue award. Polls will close at 6pm EST, June 5, 2018.

To learn more about our final ten contestants, take a look at their venue details below – including highlights from our reviews of their top rated games. As has been the case since round one, venues are presented in the original randomized order they started the tournament; you should infer no ranking – either by quality or number of prior votes received – from the order the are presented herein.

Venue Details


Location: Sylmar, CA / Las Vegas, NV

Number of Games: 3

Highlights: The Basement / The Elevator Shaft / The Study



Location: New York, NY (three locations) / Brighton, MA / San Antonio, TX

Number of Games: 15

Highlights: Maze of Hakaina / The Impossible Murder Mystery / The Robbery that Changed the World / Doctor Frankenstein / Chinese Jewelry Box / Suicide Hotel



Congratulations to the following venues who were already selected by our readers to be among the Top Ten in the country:


Location: Tampa, FL

Number of Games: 3

Highlights: The Alleyway Vigilantes / Jungle Gem / ReSEArch

Rated #4:  60OUT

Location: Los Angeles, CA (six venues) / Marina del Rey, CA / Philadelphia, PA

Number of Games: 19

Highlights: Grandma’s Masterplan / Titanic / Alice in Wonderland / Ghost Ship / P.U.T.I.N. Bunker / Doctor Psycho / Wizards Workshop / The Krampus / Zen Room

Rated #5:  MAZE ROOMS

Location: Los Angeles, CA (five locations) / Culver City, CA / Tarzana, CA / Austin, TX

Number of Games: 21

Highlights: World of Illusions / Wizard’s Tower


Location: Lexington, SC

Number of Games: 4

Highlights: Floor 23

Rated #7:  FOX IN A BOX

Location: Los Angeles, CA / Chicago, IL / Miami, FL / Tucson, AZ

Number of Games: 6

Highlights: Cold War Bunker / Prison Break / Zombie Lab / Zodiac

Rated #8:  QUEST ROOM

Location: Los Angeles, CA (two locations)

Number of Games: 4

Highlights: Bloody Elbow / Cannibal’s Den


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Number of Games: 2

Highlights:  Occam’s Apartment / Norcross Art Gallery

Rated #10: 5 WITS

Location: Foxboro, MA / West Nyack, NY / Syracuse, NY / Albany, NY / Buffalo, NY / Plymouth Meeting, PA

Number of Games: 5

Highlights: Espionage / 20,000 Leagues / Drago’s Castle / Deep Space



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