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Readers Key / Blue Bracket – Round 1.2

this poll has ended, and the votes are in:

Voting will remain open for exactly 24 hours, beginning when this poll posted today at 5pm EST. Each reader may vote for only one (1) venue in this bracket. Once voting concludes, the top two venues with the highest votes will advance to Round 2. Be sure to check our page regularly throughout the month of May, as new polls post every single day at 5pm EST.

To learn more about this bracket’s contestants, take a look at their venue details below – including highlights from our reviews of their top rated games.

Venue Details

OPTION #1:  Escape Thrill

Location: Clearwater, FL

Number of Games: 4

Highlights: Skinned Alive / The Toy Room / Wild West

OPTION #2:  Escape Plan Columbia

Location: Lexington, SC

Number of Games: 4

Highlights: Floor 23

OPTION #3:  Codescape

Location: Charlotte, NC

Number of Games: 4

Highlights: Shipwrecked / The Residents

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