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As we look forward to the new year, Escape Authority’s popularity continues to increase, and along with it, we remain dedicated to steadily grow our offering to this industry we all love. To do so, we wish first to reach out to you, our readers! You’ll notice a few new faces already in the coming weeks, but there’s still room for more!

We’re looking for well-spoken, experienced enthusiasts to join the Escape Authority Core Team!


It should come as no surprise that in order to maintain the level of excellence you’d expect from Escape Authority, we don’t add just anyone to our team. Here’s a few of the things we look for:


          *At minimum, you must have played at least twenty-five games. Naturally, the higher your count, the better. 


          *You must exhibit strong descriptive writing skills. Each of our reviews sets out to tell a story about the game being discussed. 


          *At least two sample reviews will be necessary to showcase your range of experience in both a positively and negatively scored game.


           *If you are a venue owner, you will not be allowed to review any games located within a 250 mile radius of your establishment.


            *If you are an hourly game master, you will not be allowed to review any games located within the venue you work for.


We gladly welcome applicants from across the globe, but will give additional consideration to those based in regions our current Core Team travels to less frequently. Among areas with the strongest need are currently Texas, the Mid-West (Chicago to St. Louis) and the North-East (NYC to Boston.)

To be considered, please send an email to, wherein you share briefly what spurred your passion for the escape game genre, as well as include the total number of games you’ve personally played. (A list is helpful but not required in your first email.)

Escape Authority exists to further the passion we all share for this industry. There’s no question that you, our readers, firmly share that passion with us. This is your chance to spread that passion with others and help further grow the escape game genre to bigger and greater things!


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