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Since our official launch in May of 2016, Escape Authority has quickly become the #1 escape game review site online. Starting off with just a handful of reviews and a couple of articles, we worried it might be a challenge to find worthwhile content to fill our ambitious three days per week update schedule.

New features were added regularly, beginning with our dedicated Discussion Forum instantly setting us apart from other sites that came before us. It created a sort of “all in one shop” that inspired our readers to not just pop in to see the new review, but stay a while and chat about it with other like-minded enthusiasts. It was truly the first step in Escape Authority establishing itself as the go-to Social Hub for the genre.

Our thought-provoking, informative industry Articles have grown from simple musings into reliable tools that venues around the world directly benefit from. Many have reached out to us directly to let us know that they use them as a sort of instruction sheet for how to structure their business – and some have even gone so far as to say they require their game masters and operations staff to read them as a sort of training exercise.

Our Escape Room Map aimed to raise the bar of other similar maps by ensuring not only that it was more comprehensive, but also more accurate. Each venue was clicked and inspected one by one as they were manually added, guaranteeing every single one was still open and ready for your booking. Over a nearly two month period of constant growth, that very map expanded from North America to South America to Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Today, we’re proud to be home of the single most comprehensive map of escape games in the entire world – and it continues to grow as new venues are added literally daily.

The debut of our Second Hand Podcast allowed us to reach fans of the genre in a whole new way- transcending even our own site to create new awareness of the industry we all love in mainstream places like on iTunes and Google Play. With thought-provoking conversations and highly regarded industry guests, the Second Hand Podcast allowed us to further realize our mission of becoming that Social Hub. After a brief hiatus and restructuring, we’re excited to announce that our Second Hand Podcast returns on August 6, 2017 with our much anticipated guest episode featuring Ginger Flesher-Sonnier of Escape Room Live. And here’s the really big news – beginning with that show, we will now debut a brand new episode every other Sunday.

At its core, our honest, detailed and experienced Reviews have always been what has made us the gold standard. We understand what you want in a review, and it is our commitment to deliver it. If a game is great, we’ll tell you why. If a game is bad, we’re not going to sugar coat it; we recognize and respect our duty to help guide you on where to spend your hard-earned money. The very quality of those Reviews has since been raised to a whole other level thanks to high resolution, clickable game images in each posting when we launched Escape Authority – Remastered. And with more and more games played by our ever growing Core Team, our archive of reviews has grown at an exponential rate into new markets across the United States. Today, we’ve almost got as many finished reviews waiting to post as we do in our archive! In fact, completed, uploaded reviews are already scheduled as far forward as May 2018!

Suddenly, the early days of worrying whether or not we could fill three full days of content per week were a laughable thing of the past. We expanded our schedule to post new content every other day. Doing so helped us to grow even bigger, even faster. We witnessed our site numbers rise to record highs, and then beat those numbers, and then beat those numbers again. Thanks to you, our fans, Escape Authority has broken its unique visitor number record literally every month this calendar year. Clearly there is a solid demand for even more original content.

We heard you. Loud and clear.


Today, I’m incredibly excited to announce EA EVERY DAY! – a new initiative that will see unique content posted to our homepage, forum and Facebook page seven days a week. This is not a special celebration week. Simply put, it is our new gold standard.



Something new. Every. Single. Day.


But what if there was something even more exciting to share? On Monday, we will officially announce a brand new Escape Authority feature that has been in the planning phase for quite some time. It’s something that will only further our dedication to benefiting this industry we love, and providing you, the fans, with the world class experience in it that you truly deserve.

So, to each and every one of our incredibly loyal, supportive and engaged fans, THANK YOU. We invite you to enjoy this crazy ride with us. Keep tuning in to our steady flow of original content. Keep downloading our exclusive podcasts. If you haven’t already, please do give us a “like” on Facebook Page to help us continue to grow our social numbers higher and higher each day.

And whatever you do, don’t miss our major announcement this coming Monday!



Do you have comments or suggestions for future features you’d like to see incorporated with Escape Authority? Click the “Discuss on the forum” button below to let us know!

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