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On May 15, 2016, Escape Authority officially debuted, and the very notion of what an escape game industry social hub could be changed forever. In the years that followed, we’ve grown rapidly, and constantly reinvent the way you interact with this genre.


Today is our second birthday, but the biggest present is for YOU.


Escape Authority has striven from day one to do our part to further and grow this industry we all love. It’s for that very reason that when we recently learned of another website obtaining promo codes from venues and SELLING THEM FOR THEIR OWN PROFIT, we knew we had to do something.


EA $AVINGS will ALWAYS be free.

EA $AVINGS will NEVER require a membership.

Escape Authority will NEVER profit in any way from the discount codes provided.


Simply put, EA $AVINGS is for YOU.

Because that’s the way it should be. So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start saving big on the very best escape games in the world? Click the EA $AVINGS graphic logo above to access the newest section of Escape Authority right now, or look for it permanently pinned to our homepage from now on!

At launch, our EA $AVINGS directory already offers discount codes to nearly 200 games across nearly 50 different locations! It’s sortable by state, and arranged alphabetically by city, clustered in regions to make nearby games easier to find. And best of all, that number will continue to grow all time time!

Are you a venue owner that would like to be included in our EA $AVINGS directory? YOU set your own offer, terms and restrictions! As always, 100% of the profit goes to your business, and all bookings will be made through your own website. Because, again, that’s the way it should be.

EA $AVINGS is a free service to everyone involved. It’s designed to cater both to the PLAYERS – by saving them a little money to spend on more games, and to the VENUES –by offering them absolutely free promotion across our widely viewed and respected social platforms! And joining couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is email to get listed!


EA $AVINGS is just one way we want to give back to the industry we love for the support it has shown us over these first two years. Escape Authority will never, ever be about profit; this site was founded on passion, and it’s that very passion that will steer us forward into the future.

And make no mistake; that very passion is thanks to you, our readers

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